How To Take a Screenshot in Linux

How do I take a screenshot?

  1. Press PrtScn to take a full-screen screenshot. You will be prompted to select where you would like to save the screenshot file.
  2. In most Linux desktop environments (like KDE Plasma, Gnome, XFCE) this either takes a screenshot or starts a program for taking screenshots.

How do I take a screenshot of a specific area?

  1. Press ⇧ Shift+PrtScn to select what you capture. You'll be able to click and drag a selection box to determine what is captured in the screenshot. A file with the image you captured will be created in your Pictures folder.

How do I take a screenshot of a single window?

  1. Press Alt+PrtScn to take a screenshot of a window. This shortcut will create a screenshot of your active window. The file will be created in your Pictures folder.

Where can I find that key?

  1. PrtScn ScrLk Pause Look for this group of keys at the upper right of your keyboard. The Print Screen key is located at the top of the keyboard, usually between F12 and ScrLk.
  2. Note: Print Screen (PrtScn) It may be labeled "Print Screen", "PrtScn", "PrntScrn", or something else similar.

Is there a dedicated program for taking screenshots? How can I find it?

  1. Screenshot Utility Responsive image
  2. Open the Screenshot Utility. The Gnome Screenshot utility allows you to perform some additional screenshot functions, such as adding a delay. You can find the Screenshot utility in the Accessories folder of your Applications menu.
  3. Select your screenshot type. You can choose from any of the options outlined above.
  4. Add a delay. If your screenshot is time-dependent, you can use the Screenshot utility to add a delay before the screenshot is captured. This will allow you to make sure the right content is on the screen.
  5. Select your effects. You can choose to include your mouse pointer in the screenshot, as well as whether or not you want to add a border to the screenshot.

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